Welcome to OneStep!

OneStep is a digital care platform that harnesses the power of data collection!

OneStep provides:

  • Comparisons of objective data pre and post adjustment
  • Analysis of patient mobility 
  • Documentation assistance 

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        OneStep's fall risk assessment technology is an incredible asset to our facility.
We're able to establish objective baselines for our patients so that we can clearly see when a functional mobility decline is starting to occur and jump in proactively to address it, as well as prevent falls and hospital readmissions. Plus, our patients enjoy seeing the progress they make!

- Daryl Brown, PT, DPT

Step 1: Adding Patients

Get a snapshot of all your patients in one place by registering them using the OneStep app.
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Step 2: Measuring Patients

Start to see which patients need to be prioritized by gathering objective data with the OneStep app.
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Step 3: Adjust Patient Device 

Log adjustments to the patient's device and see how the patient's walk changes before and after, and as compared to baseline.
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Additional Material

Surgeon Report Example

A monthly report showing patient success based on surgeon.

Tracking Patient Progress

See how to collect and view
patient data, from prehab
through rehab.

Clinical Intervention Guide

A "cheat sheet" with possible clinical meanings and interventions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the OneStep app?

The OneStep app is designed to help you measure patients, detect risk of fall and monitor their gait. Any phone can be used for the measurements (Android or iOS).
OneStep is HIPAA compliant and data is not stored on the phone or shared with third parties.
For each patient there is an option to record a walk, or complete a fall risk assessment.
Patient measurements and data will be analyzed and available to be viewed on the online OneStep clinic.

What is the difference between the clinician and patient app?

There are two options when logging into the OneStep app - logging in as a patient or a clinician.
When logging in as a clinician
you will be able to see a list of all your patients, register new ones, and check in on how each patient is doing. You can also use the clinician app in cases where your patient does not have a cellular phone, for measurements and tests.
When logging in as a patient you will be able to see a list of all relevant tests and measurements assigned to you to complete by your clinician. You can complete these on your own time from the comfort of your home using only your smartphone.
Any phone can be used for either version of the app, and since OneStep is HIPAA compliant, data is not stored on the phone or shared with third parties.

Where can I find patient progress notes and reports?

In your OneStep online clinic, choose the patient of interest, and go to "Weekly status" under 'Documentation' on the side menu.
This progress note is updated weekly, can be accessed at any time, and offers a quick overview of the patient’s status.
For more information see our video explainer of the patient progress note.

How can I report a fall?

Reporting a fall with OneStep can be done in one of two ways -

  1. On the OneStep homepage you can click the 'Report a fall' button
  2. On the patient overview page - on the 'Fall risk' widget
In each of the two ways the fall will be added to the patient's timeline and you will be able to see the gait data split to before or after the fall. 

For more information see our video explainer on reporting falls.

How can I contact support?

To contact support from the patient overview screen press the question mark button and then "Chat with us", or be in touch with us at support@onestep.co.

Stephanie DeShano Wakeman, PT DPT

Stephanie is the Director of Clinical Operations for OneStep. Stephanie has experience in all areas of physical therapy, but her main interest is in orthopedics, health innovation and health promotion. 
Stephanie is passionate about improving both the individual and population health using a holistic blend of technology and high touch care. She is dedicated to improving the systematic delivery of health through excellent leadership, innovation, education, and improving practical clinical applications from the advancement of remote monitoring and motion analysis.

Dominic Zotto,

Dominic is a Clinical Liaison as well as head of Small Group Sales at OneStep. Following a successful military career, Dominic decided to pursue his Doctor of Physical Therapy at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY. He graduated in 2020 with clinical rotations completed in pediatrics and orthopedic outpatient settings. Dominic went on to work in a local orthopedic outpatient clinic where he treated a variety of conditions. Having seen first hand the power of physical therapy Dominic took this opportunity with OneStep to improve rehabilitative care across multiple sectors.