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Rachel Shiloh Yesharim

Chief Technology Officer, Aposhealth®
"I wish I had a recording of how excited the clinic teams were when they described their experience with OneStep – they were thrilled by its ease of use."

Will Dieter

Senior Clinical Director, Fox Rehabilitation
"Using OneStep just makes sense. When I'm seeing a patient, there's always that question of how they are doing when I’m not there.
OneStep provides an inside look at their mobility using real-world data, and I can see how they are doing with their home exercise program. OneStep helps clinicians deliver truly proactive care — before a fall or other serious issue occurs."

Nadeem S.

"OneStep's gait analysis is great because not only can I see how often my patients are completing their home exercises, but I get visibility into how they’re moving beyond our in-person visits, plus I get RTM reimbursements for my care!"

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Material that can be used to help tell your patients about OneStep,
or cheat sheets for your clinicians - you can find it all here.

Fall Risk Assessment Protocol 

Use the OneStep motion analysis, captured with sensors inside the smartphone to uncover gait trends and potential fall risk.

Clinical Intervention Guide

A "cheat sheet" with possible clinical meanings and and suggested interventions based on gait changes.

Organization Report

A monthly report sent by OneStep summarizing utilization in different facilities, and showing patient success stories

Internal Academy - 
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Using the OneStep Strap

Organization Report (SNF)

RTM With OneStep

App permissions and patient flow

Gait Reference Citations

Course Lessons


Frequently asked questions

What is OneStep?

OneStep is an all-in-one digital health platform consisting of -
  • A patient app
  • A PT and clinician portal called "The OneStep Clinic"

With OneStep you can - 
  • Capture and monitor objective gait and motion data
  • Create a customized diagnosis specific HEP
  • Assess a patient’s risk of falling and status trends
  • Obtain real time patient feedback
  • Receive alerts when a patient may require skilled intervention
  • Motivate and communicate with your patient

How does it work?

OneStep captures data both actively and passively.
Active motion analysis occurs when a patient initiates a measurement from within the OneStep app on their phone (Android and iOS). If the patient does not have a phone, a facility phone, power of attorney's phone, or even the clinician's phone can also be used to measure patients.
Passive analysis occurs via background data collection when the patient has the phone in their pocket – offering heightened visibility into real-world mobility.

Is OneStep HIPAA compliant? 

Both the OneStep app and the portal are HIPAA compliant.
Patient data is not stored on the phone used or shared with third parties.
OneStep is also ORCHA accredited, ensuring patient data safety.

Is OneStep accredited and validated?

OneStep is ORCHA accredited after being thoroughly evaluated and vetted to ensure we uphold the highest standards of care and patient safety.
OneStep also appears on the APTA's Digital Health App Formulary (created with ORCHA) of trusted digital health apps.
OneStep has also been validated against several gold-standard motion analysis labs.
To learn more about clinical validation, visit our Published Research page.

Which types of organizations is OneStep appropriate for?

OneStep is already being deployed across a variety of organizations throughout the healthcare ecosystem and is a great fit for Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities, Outpatient Physical Therapy, Outpatient Therapy in the Home, Home Health, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Medical Device Manufacturers and Orthopedic Surgeons.

Does OneStep support Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)?

While OneStep is a complete remote care and motion analysis solution that offers much more than the average RTM platform, it meets all the necessary requirements to deliver remote therapeutic monitoring services. In fact, OneStep is uniquely suited for RTM due to the ability to capture background motion analysis — making it easy to hit the minimum billing requirements for data transmission.