Records will be maintained for a minimum of six years from the date of completion of each course.

A - OneStep is committed to maintaining accurate, confidential, and easily retrievable course records for a minimum of six years in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
The following policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for the storage, confidentiality, and retrieval of course records - 
  • All course records will be stored securely within our Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Course records will be organized and labeled in a consistent and standardized manner to facilitate easy retrieval and review.
  • Backups of course records will be regularly performed to prevent data loss.
  • These backups will also be stored securely. Access to course records will be restricted to authorized personnel only, as determined by the OneStep policy.
  • All course records are considered confidential and will not be disclosed to unauthorized individuals or third parties without proper authorization.
  • Any breaches of confidentiality, will be reported immediately to OneStep’s CTO and handled in accordance with our data breach response plan.
  • Course records will be retained for a minimum of six years, as required by relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Requests for the retrieval of course records will be submitted in writing to the designated records custodian or administrator.
  • The course records shall be provided to authorized individuals or entities within a reasonable timeframe and as applicable laws.

B - As the course is digital and will be held in OneStep’s LMS, records will be stored on the platform and retained for a minimum of 6 years according to the above.

C - This is to confirm that (a) the OneStep course records will be maintained for six years form the date each course was offered; (b) OneStep will grant the State Education Department (SED) access to the records upon request; (c) OneStep will respond to any SED inquiry regarding the records; (d) and will notify SED if the address or location where the records are kept changes.
Tomer Shussman, OneStep CEO